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Good people appreciate good alcohol

When the going gets weird, the weird turn professional.

~ Hunter S. Thompson

Judd Kaufman

Prospector, businessman, and founder of Rollinsville, CO, John Q. A. Rollins held many mining claims, but few produced as prolifically as his old standby that he dubbed the Gold Dirt Mines. Our family distillery is located right in the thick of the Gold Dirt mining area, and this rich history has inspired our escape to the hills in pursuit of fame, fortune, or, if nothing else, weirdness.

our roots

We make small batch, compelling craft spirits that are truly distinctive while remaining rooted in historical styles. With botanical-forward specialties like our Rocky Mountain Gin, exceptionally elevated takes on classics like our High & Dry Gin or High Mountain Vodka, or a gilded wonder like our Honey Brandy, our unique concoctions set out to do nothing more than make your oddessey a bit more interesting.

constant chemists

Curiosity always seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. We'll have a constant flow of new and interesting spirits, both liquid and otherwise, plus reimagined historical cocktails that we look forward to pouring for you. Booze like this should be consumed with a certain amount of irreverence and is never to be taken too seriously...